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GBx Public Website Design and Build

  • Client: GBx
  • Project Type: Wordpress Website

Project Overview

Welcome to our showcase featuring the successful collaboration with GBx Global, a curated private network catering to accomplished British entrepreneurs and senior tech executives residing in the Bay Area, California, USA. This project entailed the development of two distinctive products: a public website geared towards driving new membership, and a bespoke private members platform facilitating seamless connection and resource sharing among members.

Project Requirements

GBx, representing a community of high-achieving British professionals, required a digital presence that not only reflected their exclusivity but also facilitated the growth of their membership base. The project’s primary objectives included the creation of a public-facing website to attract new members and the development of a private members platform for enhanced networking and resource sharing.

Proposed Solution

Our comprehensive solution began with the crafting of GBx’s brand identity, establishing a visual language that resonated with the community’s values. Leveraging the power of WordPress and integrating “off the shelf” products, we designed and implemented a fully managed platform. This encompassed features ranging from public event management, membership subscriptions, and signup processes to secure payment processing and a bespoke members directory equipped with connection toolsets.


The collaboration with GBx Global has transcended a mere client relationship, evolving into a partnership spanning over five years. From its conceptualization in 2016, GBx Global has transformed from an idea into a thriving community with over 450 paying members by 2020. The success is underscored by the continuous evolution of the platform, with our team closely collaborating with GBx to introduce new features that drive member adoption and event attendance.

Ongoing Collaboration

Our relationship with GBx remains vibrant, marked by a commitment to innovation and excellence. We are dedicated to continuously enhancing the platform, ensuring GBx Global remains at the forefront of technology, member engagement, and community building.

Join us in celebrating the success of GBx Global, a testament to the power of collaboration and digital innovation. We look forward to many more years of growth and success together.

Explore the public face of GBx Global, designed to captivate and attract new members:
Explore GBx Global Website

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