MazeSpace Studios is a design, development and product strategy agency based in both London and San Francisco. We enthusiastically craft beautify creativation solicitations in the heart of silicon valley. We believe the right online presence, tools and exposure can grow your businesses from small start up to thriving power house.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry we are a growing diverse team across multiple time zones with the skill set to deliver unique online experiences for start up to large companies.

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9 Mar

Online marketing: using social media effectively

Social media is a gateway to success for those wanting to improve their online marketing. Each day, millions of users log onto the likes of Facebook and Instagram, to check the latest news, follow their favourite brands, and view friends and followers posts. This fast-growing environment can offer fertile ground for businesses wanting to increase… View Article

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1 Mar

How to improve your website conversions in 2020

In the end, all online marketing is about converting visitors to your site into paying customers. So, what actions can you take today to improve your website conversions? Remember to focus on benefits It’s amazing how many company websites still focus on talking about themselves, rather than how they can help the reader. Always make… View Article

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24 Feb

Debunking these top 4 misconceptions about digital marketing

The online marketing field is ever-changing, with discoveries and innovations emerging almost every day. What’s more, it gets even trickier as new digital marketing strategies can become obsolete in as little time as a day. Consequently, businesses always strive to stay on top of their online marketing campaigns to keep up with the competition. However,… View Article

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18 Feb

3 tips to boost your online visibility

With millions of options coming up every time you use a search engine, it can be hard for your business to stand out in the online sphere – especially as a smaller business. Online marketing to increase brand awareness can be a tricky mountain to scale, but with these three helpful tips, you’ll be boosting… View Article

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5 Feb

Top tips to create a successful mobile app

Increasingly, it’s not enough to just own a website if you want to be a success. Having an app as well is fast becoming necessary to win audiences over and beat the competition. The facts speak for themselves. The number of apps on offer now reaches well over a million, with around 90% of us… View Article

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30 Jan

4 reasons to employ the services of a web design agency

If you believe the hype, we can all turn our hands to anything. Be it product design, app development, or marketing strategy, we are encouraged to be brave and strike out on our own. And whilst on the surface you might be able to make a passable attempt at most of these tasks, to truly… View Article

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22 Jan

Online marketing tips for 2020

With more and more businesses offering online services and purchases, combined with the ever-increasing decline of the traditional highstreet, it’s no surprise that online marketing is growing rapidly. Any business that wants to establish a secure online presence needs to be aware of their marketing strategy, and regularly check their performances against expectations. A quick… View Article

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16 Jan


3 important decisions to make when planning your SEO

SEO is an essential part of any online marketing strategy and when you create a website or start a blog, you should plan your SEO strategy before you build it, if possible. How you plan your SEO may influence how you design the site and what features you have on there so that you offer… View Article

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