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Keepabl – Transforming GDPR Compliance

  • Client: Keepabl
  • Project Type: B2B Website Development

Project Overview

Explore our collaboration with Keepabl, a dynamic platform designed to simplify GDPR compliance and showcase organizations’ commitment to data protection. Keepabl approached us with a clear vision: to shed their old “WIX” startup website and inject a fresh, modern aesthetic into an industry often perceived as less than thrilling.

Project Goals

The primary goals for Keepabl were twofold: to streamline GDPR compliance processes for users and to revamp their online presence, making compliance more approachable. Our challenge was to infuse vitality into the compliance sector, traditionally considered less captivating, and to provide an engaging user experience.

Proposed Solution

We initiated the transformation by crafting a vibrant color palette and selecting a “friendly” typeface, injecting a fresh and inviting vibe into the compliance landscape. The core focus was on presenting Keepabl’s product in a user-friendly manner, simplifying complex concepts. A key highlight was the development of a beautifully crafted resources area, strategically designed to boost website traffic and engagement.


Our seamless rollout achieved its goal without disrupting service, instantly setting Keepabl apart in the compliance sector. The new, contemporary look spurred competitors to follow suit. Keepabl experienced a remarkable 65% increase in website traffic compared to the previous site, contributing significantly to their success in securing a second consecutive round of funding.

Ongoing Collaboration

Our partnership with Keepabl continues to evolve, and we’ve embarked on an exciting project to redesign the UI/UX of their entire product. By focusing on user experience, we aim to elevate Keepabl’s platform to new heights and reinforce their position as innovators in the GDPR compliance space.

Join us in celebrating the success of Keepabl, a story of transformation, increased engagement, and sustained growth. We look forward to shaping the future of GDPR compliance together.

Discover the vibrant, user-centric website we created for Keepabl: Keepabl Project Website
Keepabl Project Website

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